Company Overview

公司簡介 S.A. Group International

S.A. Group International 成立於2004年自貿易起家,主要業務包含觀光、婚紗攝影、餐飲及貿易等多元服務,志在從韓國出發與亞洲各國建立多元且穩定的商業模式,集團創辦至今已累積15萬名以上顧客,未來展望走出亞洲,進軍全球市場。

S.A. Group International is established in 2004 and started by trading business. Our business includes tourism, food, consulting, and new media marketing. We are aiming to establish a diversified and stable business model between Korea and other Asian countries. Since 2004, we have accumulated more than 150,000 customers. In the future, S.A. Group will keep growing by entering the global market.

創辦人介紹 About Founder

S.A. Group集團創辦人 周維臨先生,為在韓經商超過二十年的港人,多年來用獨到商業眼光獨資打造韓國與香港貿易模式,此後更陸續創辦多種事業體系並成功拓展至澳門、台灣、日本等亞洲各地。更於2019年成立在韓港人商會,致力於媒合香港與韓國商業投資發展,並期望有朝一日在韓國創建港人社區,為更多在韓港人提供更便利的商業交流空間。

The founder of the group, Mr. Chow Wai Lam (Ronny), is a Hong Kong citizen who has been doing business in Korea for more than 20 years. Over the years, he has a unique business vision to develop business between Korea and Hong Kong. He has successively established various business systems and expanded to Macau, Taiwan, Japan, and other Asia Everywhere. In 2019, he also started the Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce in Seoul, dedicated to matching the business investment from Hong Kong to South Korea. Hope to create a Hong Kong community in South Korea and provide a business community for Koreans and Hong Kong residents.


  • 2023
    香港食堂3號燒味專門店 韓國
  • 2022
    香港食堂1號店 韓國
    香港食堂2號店PIG HAND STEAK  韓國
    香港食堂-安養店 韓國
  • 2021
    自有品牌-Dook-B爆汁熱狗, 정게醬油蟹, Mongcow湯包, 韓國
    S.A. MCN 網紀公司, 韓國
  • 2020
    週末貿易, 韓國
    S.A. 物業管理公司, 韓國
  • 2019
    MongCow 網購平台, 香港
    鳳樓-春川鐵板雞餐廳, 韓國
    自有品牌-Kimme Kimme 味付海苔, 韓國
    在韓國香港人商會, 韓國
  • 2018
    S.A. Car Service, 韓國
    S.A. Tour, 日本
  • 2014-2020 S.A. wedding, 中國
  • 2014-2018 韓國Lequip 食物乾燥機總代理, 香港
  • 2013 s.a. wedding, 台灣 /澳門
  • 2012-2019 挪夫部隊鍋-首爾站店
  • 2011 S.A. Tour, 韓國
  • 2010 s.a. wedding, 香港/韓國
  • 2009-2020 S.A. Seoul Service Apartment, 韓國
  • 2006-2009 自有品牌-MSoo BB Cream, 日本
  • 2005 白夜-滑雪學校, 韓國
  • 2004 自有品牌-正蔘藥貼, 韓國

Company History

  • 2023
    HK Fusion 3rd branch, Korea
    Ski softgoods (OBM), Korea
  • 2022
    HK Fusion 1st branch, Korea
    HK Fusion 2nd branch – PIG HAND STEAK, Korea
    HK Fusion – Anyang Branch Korea
  • 2021
    Dook-B Corn Dog, Crabmeat, Hotpot Soup(OBM), Korea
    S.A. MCN, Korea
  • 2020
    Weekend Trade, Korea
    S.A. Property Management Company, Korea
  • 2019
    MongCow Online Shopping Platform, Hong Kong
    Fonlu-Chuncheon Teppanyaki Restaurant, Korea
    Kimme Kimme Korean Seaweed (OBM), Korea
    Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce, Korea
  • 2018
    S.A. Car Service, South Korea
    S.A. Tour, Japan
  • 2014-2020 s.a. wedding, China
  • 2014-2018 Lequip Food Dryer General Aagent, Hong Kong
  • 2013 s.a. wedding, Taiwan and Macau
  • 2012-2019 Nolboo Budaejjigae Resturant, Seoul Station Store
  • 2011 S.A. Tour, Korea 
  • 2010 s.a. wedding Hong Kong and Korea
  • 2009-2020 S.A. Seoul Serviced Apartment, Korea
  • 2006-2009 MSoo BB Cream (OBM), Japan
  • 2005 White Night Ski School, Korea
  • 2004 Ginseng patch (OBM), Korea

Culture and Values

S.A.文化和價值觀 Service & Attitude

S.A. Group的企業文化以Service及Attitude服務精神貫穿,無論是對於合作夥伴或是顧客服務,核心宗旨都是以良好的服務跟優質的態度滿足所有消費者及合作商,以正面積極的服務態度為企業永續發展的凝聚理念。

S.A. spirit-Service and Attitude. Whether it is for partners or customer service, our core value is to satisfy all consumers and partners with good service and a positive service attitude.

永不放棄 Never Give Up


Facing the global crises, we will never give up looking for various development possibilities and have the courage to challenge new business and always thinking to maintain the development of the group and lead all employees to grow together.

快樂工作 Happy Work


We are committed to providing employees with a happy working environment and exploring any development possibilities so that each business could continue to grow.  We encourage every employee willing to try, find the best solution, stay optimistic and make it happen.

國際思維 Global Mindset


Different from traditional Korean companies, we are a horizontal organization to make all communication and decision-making faster, so that the group can quickly respond to each other and break through various business competition crises.

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