Under the epidemic situation, there are few variables in wedding ceremony, regardless of the wedding format, date, etc., which makes the newlyweds helpless and helpless.好彩仲有#Woxin merchants are traveling with newcomers , just like 👗One-stop bridal dress shop SA Bridal understands that the epidemic has repeated, so the [wedding dress rental rescheduling] is [No extra charge] due to the epidemic, I hope you B2B You can rest assured to plan your wedding 🤗, worry about one less rescheduling problem, and successfully complete the wedding in his mind~👏🏻 Although this year’s epidemic will inevitably affect everyone’s mood 🤯, there are few merchants that make newcomers very touched and heartwarming. Therefore, we will report the “Warmhearted Merchants Series under the Epidemic” from time to time. If you have warmhearted merchants who want to praise, welcome to Inbox In the news, we know that we hope that newcomers under the epidemic can regain #正能! 💪🏻

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